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Roan Creek Ranch Grocery

your source for local food

-   ABOUT US  -

Our mission at Roan Creek Ranch Grocery is to provide locally produced "clean" food to our community.

Roan Creek Ranch started raising and growing food for our family when I realized our food system had become a chemical system as I attempted to raise healthy children.  

Our cattle are raised on pasture and allowed to graze bountiful pasture throughout the 10 month growing season.  

They are fed homegrown hay through the winter and are confined off the pasture anytime it gets muddy enough that they might damage the forage plants.

The pigs are raised by our grower in large family groups, with shade, misters in summer and plenty of room to play, which they do.  They are fed non-GMO grains and beans raised locally.

Roan Creek Ranch is committed to production methods that maximize animal welfare and health and produce a healthier product for our community.

We take the same care in selecting all the products for our store.