Our mission is to provide a convenient market for locally grown and produced food and to supply our community with healthy alternatives to commodity and commercial food-like products.

Growing Practices:
   The cattle and sheep are raised on 100% pasture and homegrown hay in the winter. The sheep are penned at night for their safety. They receive no growth promotants or antibiotics. They are humanely handled and slaughtered. The cattle are raised where they were born until they are moved on to very high quality finishing pasture for the final fattening period.
   The pigs are raised in Olathe on the same farm where they are born. The sows farrow in individual houses with a small attached yard. At weaning the piglets are moved into a nursery pen for special care as this is the most stressful time. As they grow they are moved into a bigger space with shelter and room to play. They stay in the same group of siblings as they grow. All their feed is raised on the farm and they receive no hormones or antibiotics.
Our Products and Prices
Prices shown are subject to change. Prices on our order form are always current.
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Steaks Price / lb. Other Cuts Price / lb.
  Filet Mignon $25.25 Chicken Fry Steaks $6.25
  Rib Eye $18.75 London Broil $10.00
  Rib Steak $18.00 Short Ribs $5.50
  New York Strip $18.00 Back Ribs $5.50
  T-Bone $18.00 Stew Meat $7.25
  Sirloin $12.50 Soup Bones $2.50
  Flat Iron $12.50 Ground Beef $7.00
  Skirt $10.00 Tongue $4.00
  Flank $11.00 Liver, Heart, Kidney $2.50
  Chuck Roast $8.00 Brisket $8.25
  Tri-tip $10.50 Rib Roast $18.40

Loin Chops $16.50 Shanks $7.75
  Rack of Lamb $22.50 Ground Lamb $7.50
  Boneless Leg $13.50 Stew Meat $7.50
  Bone-in Leg $11.00 Heart, Liver, Kidney $2.50
  Shoulder Chops $8.75    

  Loin Chops $7.50 Bacon (Hickory smoked) $7.00
  Tenderloin $9.00 Sweet Italian Sausage* $5.00
  Rib Chops $7.50 Hot Italian Sausage* $5.00
  Rib Roast $9.00 Breakfast Sausage* $5.00
  Shoulder Roast $6.50 Brats $7.00
  Spare Ribs $5.50 Polish Kielbasa $7.00
  Pork Cutlet $6.00 Andouille Sausage $7.00
  Ham $6.75 Ground Pork $5.00
  Bacon (pepper) $7.00 * Bulk  

Package Prices include all processing.

20 lbs. Beef Steaks and Roasts   $240.00
20 lbs. Beef Steaks, Roasts and Hamburger   $200.00
10 lbs. Steaks   $153.00
20 lbs. Hamburger   $130.00
Quarter Beef       105 lbs. or more   $830.00
Half Beef             210 lbs. or more   $1600.00
Whole Beef         440 lbs. or more   $3140.00

Half Lamb      ( 25-30 lbs.)   $185.00
Whole Lamb  ( 50-60 lbs.)   $360.00

Half Pork       ( 60-70 lbs.)   $35.00
Whole Pork   (120-140 lbs.)   $570.00
20 lbs.  Bulk Sausage   $95.00
20 lbs.  Grilling Package   $130.00

Grilling and Chilling    (10 lbs.)  

2 packs of Beef Patties
1 pack German Brats
1 Ham Steak
2 lbs. Beef Steak
4 Pork Chops
2 lbs. Ground Pork



Wake Up Happy   (10 lbs.)   

3 lbs. Peppered or Hickory Smoked Bacon
2 lbs. Ham Steak
3 lbs. Breakfast Links
2 lbs. Pork Chops



Bulk It Up  (20 lbs.) 

5 lbs. Ground Pork
5 lbs. Breakfast Sausage
5 lbs. Sweet Italian Sausage
5 lbs. Hot Italian Sausage



20 lbs. Beef Package 

7 lbs. Ground Beef
7 lbs. Beef Steaks
7 lbs. Beef Roasts