Our Philosophy

Growing Practices

Our goal to provide our customer with the best meat starts with our animals.  We believe the best way to raise animals is to leave them in their natural environment, eating what they are designed to eat.

Our cattle spend their lives out on pasture eating grass most of their lives.  When there is no grass they are fed hay but are rarely confined.  We only keep them in corrals when it is wet and their hooves will damage the pasture.  We vaccinate the calves at weaning and provide them with minerals throughout their lives.  That’s it.  No other intervention necessary.  Our cattle are friendly and curious because we handle them gently, quietly and respectfully.

The sheep also spend their lives on pasture.  They lamb in the Spring or the Fall and since we have hair sheep they never need shearing or much handling.  They are penned at night for their own safety but have learned to come in themselves as the sun goes down.  They do have a guard dog to keep them company.

The pigs are raised in Olathe at Winddrift Farm.  They are born and raised in the same location and stay in family groups their whole lives.  The are provided shade and entertainment along with fresh water and feed.  They are raised outside in the clean Colorado air.

When we handle or move the animals they are treated humanely and quietly so they are not stressed.  We raise happy livestock.

Roan Creek Ranch