Grass Fed Beef and Lamb - Naturally Raised Pork

Kathryn Bedell, DVM

Dr. Bedell is a large animal veterinarian.  She moved on to a ranch with her two daughter in 1999 after practising veterinary medicine in Northeastern Colorado.  After starting a herd of cattle and caring for the land, she had a revolutionary change in the way she thought about our methods of raising animals in the USA.  She was trained to help cattle producers to grow cattle as big as fast as possible in order to “feed the world”.  She came to understand that this idea was fundamentally flawed because it discounted the health, well being, and happiness of the animal.  She also came to understand that grazing animals should graze and healthy cattle depend on healthy forage and soil.  In other words, she came to believe ” you are what you eat, eats”.  So artificial fertilizers and pesticides and growth promotants probably are not a good idea.

Dr. Bedell was raised in southern California and attended Mount Holyoke College and Saint Andrews University receiving a B.A. in Biology.  She then received a M.A. in Animal Behavior from U.C.L.A. before going to the college of Veterinary Medicine at U.C. Davis. Following graduation she relocated to Colorado.  She has been selling grass fed meats in the Grand Valley since 2006 and operating Roan Creek Ranch Grocery in Fruita for 3 years.

Roan Creek Ranch